Chris Jericho Revealed As Bride On The Masked Singer

chris jericho masked singer

Chris Jericho was revealed as a pink dragon bride on the Masked Singer show as the wrestler/rocker did his best to belt out some classic songs on the popular Fox singing show.

As one of the biggest names in AEW and the current ROH World Champion, Chris Jericho is known as one of the most charismatic wrestlers in the history of the business. The man of many catchphrases has been on TV for nearly 30 years between his runs in WCW, ECW, WWE and WWE while having a lot of success as a heel or face.

Jericho is also an accomplished singer with his band Fozzy, which he formed in the 1990s while he was also pursuing his wrestling dreams.

Last week’s episode of The Masked Singer featured a voice very familiar to wrestling fans as Jericho sang the popular song “Shut Up And Dance” by Walk The Moon while he was dressed as a pink dragon bride. The judges on the show didn’t know who it was, which meant Jericho won the King Award for that week.

On the Wednesday, November 16th episode of The Masked Singer, Jericho performed “White Wedding” by Billy Idol and “All Star” by Smash Mouth while he was under disguise. Unfortunately for Jericho, he was eliminated by the studio audience vote. Comedian Adam Carolla was also on the show dressed as an avocado.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jericho joked that you shouldn’t let the audience vote on something like that.

“Honestly, I was pissed. I was not happy. And it was the studio audience votes that got it. And I was like, ‘This is why you never let the fans be in charge.’ [Laughs] Because I thought my performance was killer. And it was one of those things where there were other songs that had been rehearsed, and all that sort of thing. So it was something that I was kind of angry about, but that’s just because I’m a professional and I don’t like to lose. It was a lot of fun, to be honest with you. I thought we had a lot that we could do with the Bride costume and character.”

Jericho also revealed there were days of release that went into his performances.

“You know, it’s almost like, you read those stories about old school ventriloquists who became attached to the ventriloquist dummies even though they’re not real people. That’s kind of what it felt like with the Bride, because two appearances on the show is a very short representation of how much time actually spent in that costume. There’s days and days of rehearsal prior to it. So I’d be open to do anything. And I really enjoyed my time with the Bride and hopefully I’ll see the Bride again someday, and maybe I will. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.”

You can see a clip of Jericho being revealed on The Masked Singer in the clip below. Judge Ken Jeong, who is also a comedian that appeared on WWE Raw when Chris Jericho was on the show, told Jericho he was a big fan of his, but Jeong wasn’t able to guess that it was Jericho in the bride costume.