Chris Jericho Talks Locker Room Fights – “Sometimes, Guys Just Have To Leave”

Chris Jericho pointing

Chris Jericho has seemingly referenced the alleged fight at All Out and says sometimes you have to deal with it by letting guys move on.

The story of All Out and its aftermath is well known by now with CM Punk, The Young Bucks, and Kenny Omega all stripped of their respective titles and suspended by the company as a result of a backstage fight. Company producer Ace Steel is said to have been fired for his part in the melee where he is said to have thrown a chair at Nick Jackson’s head and to have bitten Omega.

Speaking on Howie Mandel Does Stuff, Chris Jericho has referenced the fight without discussing it directly. Jericho says these can happen but sometimes the way to deal with it is by letting someone go:

“There was a locker room fight that happened a couple of months ago between a couple of guys. When these things happen, you have to deal with them. Sometimes, the way to deal with it is guys just have to not be there anymore.”

“It happens, sure it does. If you’re cast in a movie and you hate your co-star, either you make it work, do your job, put on a great performance, and never talk to each other again or you leave the project. It’s that simple. If there are people you have a problem with, which I’ve had over the years, not a lot but this guy can rub me the wrong way, ‘he’s a f*cking a**hole,’ whatever, you still have to put on a good show.”

“Sometimes you have a fight in the locker room and that sort of thing. It’s a big team. Sometimes guys get into fights, sometimes guys just have the wrong attitude for how to make the team work. That’s how you have to look at it. Sometimes, guys just have to leave.”

The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega look to be returning to AEW television imminently with vignettes featuring the trio airing on Dynamite. CM Punk’s future with the company looks less certain with some believing Punk has caught ‘the wrestling bug’ again during his time in the company.

h/t Fightful