Chris Jericho Discusses “Judas” Song Impact In Pro Wrestling

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho’s AEW entrance theme has quickly become iconic, and the star has now discussed how it is a “pioneer” in the wrestling industry.

Wrestling fans love the opportunity have extra involvement in a show rather than just following storylines. Although it’s standard to chant during matches, it has now become commonplace for the crowd to join in during a wrestler’s entrance, especially when the theme is particularly catchy or easy to sing along to.

One of those themes is Chris Jericho’s Judas, and in a discussion with Wes Styles from Rock 96.7, the former AEW World Champion has discussed how his theme was one of the first fans could join in with, and that others are now similarly following suit.

Now it has definitely become a thing, it’s now to the point where other people’s ring songs are being sung with. I’m talking about Jungle Boy or even Seth Rollins in WWE. It’s almost like ‘Judas’ was the pioneer of that and the fans have so much fun singing that one they want to sing other ones as well, and that’s great. But ‘Judas’ was kind of one of the first for that.

Commonly known as a locker room leader within AEW, Chris Jericho recently also spoke about what he has learned from working with younger talent in the company.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.