Chris Jericho – “Hulk Hogan Is A Better Worker Than Ric Flair…For Me”

chris jericho hulk hogan

Chris Jericho has explained why he thinks Hulk Hogan is a better worker than Ric Flair while talking about his personal experience working with The Hulkster.

When Chris Jericho became a household name in pro wrestling as part of the World Championship Wrestling roster in 1996, Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair were already established as main event level performers for well over a decade each.

By the time Hogan came back to WWE in 2002, Jericho was in a main event spot and Hogan beat him with a dreaded ROLLUP OF DEATH~! during a Smackdown match during Hogan’s brief reign as the WWE Champion.

On a recent Talk Is Jericho podcast, AEW’s first World Champion Chris Jericho was watching the WWE Saturday Night’s Main Event episode from November 28th, 1997 with Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer and Big Vinny V. During a moment on the show involving Hulk Hogan, Jericho praised the two-time WWE Hall of Famer, The Hulkster.

“I will say to this day and people will bag. Here’s a clickbait. Hogan is a better worker than Flair. For me.”

The term “worker” is a reference to a wrestler’s ability in the ring mainly and how they have a match. Many people consider Flair to be one of the best workers ever while Hogan isn’t really known for having great matches like Flair, but Hogan did get some of the loudest reactions ever. Chris Jericho continued:

“I always had amazing matches with Hogan because he knew exactly who he was as a babyface, as a heel, whatever. He was so great. He knew his audience. He didn’t do anything he didn’t have to. It was one of my favorite times in my career.”

When Alvarez reacted by saying that Hogan did have good matches on Saturday Night’s Main Event in that era, Chris Jericho talked more about what made Hogan great.

“Here’s another great thing about Hogan. Like you don’t even think about it. But the dude had like a super receding hairline. But no one even really noticed it back then…We all did, but you didn’t. It’s just Hogan, right? Like, it’s weird. He’s like America’s hero with no hair now that would never go, he’d put a toupee on or something.”

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