Chris Jericho Hits Out At WWE “Pettiness”

Chris Jericho

WWE continue to omit Chris Jericho from their archived footage.

As seen on the August 28th episode of Raw, the company paid tribute to The Price Is Right host Bob Barker, who sadly died aged 99 on August 26th.

A tribute video showing Barker’s time on WWE TV played during the broadcast and featured multiple former stars. However, one noticeable omission was that of Chris Jericho, who had the most memorable interaction of the evening.

It was pointed out on social media that the former AEW Champion was not seen in the tribute, with one fan describing it as “typical WWE pettiness.” Jericho quoted the post and simply responded “yup.”

WWE have an ongoing trend of refusing to acknowledge any talent currently signed to AEW when playing archived footage. Previous examples have included no mentions of Jon Moxley [Dean Ambrose] when discussing the history of The Shield and removing Daniel Brayn from historic WrestleMania video packages. Jericho has also been a victim of this previously, with his iconic moments no longer featured in Top 10 videos on YouTube.

Despite no longer being a part of the company, Jericho continues to make history with AEW. The former World Champion recently wrestled against Will Ospreay in front of over 80,000 people inside Wembley Stadium and got to sing a live rendition of “Judas” at the event.

Chris Jericho Argues With Bob Barker

Barker appeared as a guest host during an episode of Raw in 2009 and recreated the famous gameshow. Following multiple Superstars placing their bids, Jericho went face-to-face with Barker, feeling that he had been disrespected by the game show host. Demanding he be addressed as Mr Jericho, the AEW talent stated that he was one-half of the Tag Team Champions. Barker hilariously then declared that Jericho said the number one, so that was his bid.