Chris Jericho Recalls Feud That Saw Him Reach His Potential

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho has revealed which feud he believes saw him reach his full potential.

The legendary Superstar has been embroiled in countless memorable feuds across the globe during a career that has stretched nearly 35 years.

Since 2019, Jericho has been a leading light for All Elite Wrestling and became the promotion’s inaugural World Champion with victory over Adam Page at All Out on 31st August of that year.

In a recent appearance on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, the 53-year old Canadian revealed that it wasn’t until a critically acclaimed 2008 feud in WWE with Shawn Michaels that he finally reached his full potential in professional wrestling.

The pair had previously squared off in a classic battle at WrestleMania 19 in Seattle , Washington but reignited their feud five years later when Jericho accused Michaels of enjoying his victory over Ric Flair at WrestleMania 24 in the final WWE bout of ‘The Nature Boy’s’ career.

What followed was a captivating months-long personal feud that came that culminated with Jericho retaining his WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a ladder match at No Mercy 2008 that was voted Match Of The Year by the readers of the Wrestling Observer.

Jericho revealed to Van Vliet that he feels he was at the peak of his powers during the feud:

“When we did the Shawn Michaels feud and I became the suit and tie guy Jericho, that’s when I think I finally reached my potential that he [Vince McMahon]saw in me and always could not figure out why the f*** I was not getting it,”

Chris Jericho Believes 2008 Shawn Michaels Feud Improved McMahon Relationship

Jericho would go on to reveal his belief that the classic feud with ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ also enhanced his relationship with Vince McMahon, noting that it was the first time he felt he could call the former WWE Chairman at any hour:

“The Shawn Michaels feud was when I could actually sit down with Vince and call Vince and talk to him about stuff.

Once again, if he wants me to do something, with Vince if he gives you something to do and you don’t like it, you’d better have an alternative.”

H/T: WrestlingInc for the above transcription