Chris Jericho Explains What Keeps Him Going

Chris Jericho makes his entrance as ROH World Champion on AEW Dynamite 2022

Now in the third decade of his legendary career, Chris Jericho has stated what keeps the adrenaline from running out at 51-years-old.

Constant character evolution is what keeps Chris Jericho, says the multi-time World Champion.

This is what ‘The Ocho’ stated during an interview with Variety, claiming that being able to reinvent himself time and time again to maintain relevancy is why fans have taken to him so well over the years.

This has already proven itself true throughout the past three years of Chris Jericho’s career in All Elite Wrestling, with the inaugural AEW World Champion having portrayed numerous roles from ‘The Demo God’ to ‘The Wizard’ to his old Lionheart gimmick. Jericho added that he now has the freedom to be as creative as he likes:

“I think evolving and always reinventing myself is what keeps me going. And now I have this freedom to be creative, to just do anything that I think is going to work. I’ve never really had that before. I don’t have to worry about anybody else opinions. Obviously, Tony Khan weighs in from time to time, but it’s really just an open canvas to just paint whatever pictures that I want to paint and that makes it so much more fun.”

Chris Jericho recently re-signed with All Elite Wrestling, with the deal seeing the eight-time World Champion taking on roles as a producer and a creative advisor. When asked why he wanted to stay in AEW, the Jericho Appreciation Society man simply posed the rhetorical question, ‘Why not?’

Jericho last wrestled on the special Tuesday night broadcast of AEW Dynamite on October 18th, retaining the ROH World Championship against ex-champion Dalton Castle in his quest to take down Ring of Honor.