Chris Jericho Says Divisive Character Is His Favourite

Chris Jericho fire

Chris Jericho has broken down his favourite character.

During his 34 years career, Chris Jericho has reinvented himself several times, priding himself on knowing when to switch up his character,

In recent weeks Jericho has reinvented himself yet again, this time as the Learning Tree. This has seen the veteran take Big Bill and Bryan Keith under his wing as he plays into much of the criticism he receives online, even bringing the ‘Chris Jericho vortex’ to AEW television.

Speaking in a new interview with TMZ Sports, Jericho said this new vision of his character is his favourite.

People will always ask me ‘What’s your favorite era of Chris Jericho?'” said Jericho. “I always say the one I’m in right now. The Learning Tree. If it’s not, then why am I doing it? There’s been a lot of great moments, but I like this era. I like what’s going on right now.

Chris Jericho Says Talent Are Finally Being Paid What They’re Worth

In recent months, the likes of Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre have signed new contracts, while in AEW, Mercedes Mone has become the highest-paid woman in history. Looking at the apparent shift in the market, Jericho said wrestlers are finally being paid what they’re worth.

“Salaries have finally gone to where they’re getting closer to where I think our talent in every company should be getting,” he said. “A lot of the old-school brothers didn’t get that. They were riding the roads 300 days a year for whatever they could make.”

Chris Jericho was most recently in action at Double or Nothing where he defeated HOOK and Katsuyori Shibata.

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