Chris Jericho Names Biggest Miss Of His WWE Career

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Chris Jericho previously claimed to have done it all in wrestling…but there is one chapter in his career that could’ve been better.

Chris Jericho has wrestled a veritable who’s who of wrestling over his thirty-plus-year career. But just because he wrestled someone doesn’t mean that there was instant chemistry or that the match was to his liking.

One such an opponent of Jericho’s was The Undertaker, whom he only faced in a handful of matches and none of their one-on-one matches were on PPV.

Because of that, Jericho spoke about his lack of matches with the Undertaker on his podcast and explained why there was money in such a feud but it never materialized.

The one kind of (dream match) that I did wrestle… basically once was Undertaker. We had a great match on SmackDown and I remember when I came back — I was super hungover too. We were in England and it was my birthday the night before and I was f*cking so hungover.

But it’s like, Undertaker, smack, smack, smack and we had this match and when I came back through the curtain, I remember he was just sitting in a chair with his straps down and he was just like, ‘Yup, that’s money,’ and I was like, ‘Where have you been all my life?’

It’s like when I worked with (Bryan) Danielson this year, it’s like we’ve been in the same company for ten years in WWE, we never had a match. Undertaker and I never had a f*cking pay-per-view match. Just this one match because he was always on SmackDown when I was on Raw, vice versa. Every time we’d cross paths was always great.

I actually even won the title from him once in Elimination Chamber but, we never had a singles pay-per-view match and feud and to me, that’s one of the biggest misses in WWE history because I know we would have had a great story and a great angle.”

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