Chris Jericho Recalls Being Threatened With A Gun

Chris Jericho

ROH World Champion Chris Jericho has recalled the shocking experience of when he was threatened with a gun at just 22 years old.

Chris Jericho has had his fair share of notable experiences as both a wrestling and rock ‘n’ roll star. However, not all of those experiences are memorable for being good.

Speaking at the Inside The Ropes show held in London in the summer of 2022, Chris Jericho reminisced about how a brush with romance led to him having a gun pointed in his face in the middle of nowhere in Mexico:

“I go to this restaurant called Veeps which I thought was just a cool name. And I realised years later it’s VIPs. Oh, okay. Gotta get up pretty early to fool me. So I go to Veeps and I look across the way. It’s kind of like a Denny’s, like a family restaurant type of thing.”

“So I’m looking across the table at this girl and she’s kind of looking at me. She’s giving me the look like you know, and like I said Corazon de Leon was my name. […] So anyway, she’s looking at me and she’s waving. So I go over there, suave and debonair, I’m 22 years old. And I sit down to start using my amazing Spanish to talk to her. And she’s sitting with her friend who she says is her brother. Amazing. And then she asked me if I want to go to a party. And I’m like of course I want to go to a party with this gorgeous woman, and I’m super famous and cool.”

“So we get into a car and the brother, her brother is the guy that she was with, he’s driving, and I’m sitting in the back with this girl. And we become fast friends and swapping spit and the whole thing making out the back of the car. And I’m noticing like if you close your eyes, you can see bright lights, but now they’re intermittent, they’re flashing. And I look and I realise we’re kind of going outside of town, kind of in the middle of nowhere. And I’m thinking well maybe it’s a bush party, which used to have in Canada, you go to the field and I’m like where the f*ck is this party?”

“Finally after about 30 minutes, they pull over on the side of the road. And she gets out of the car and the guy turns around and pulls a gun out into my face. Now if you guys ever saw a James Bond movie with the beginning, they show the guy walking [Chirs signs the James Bond theme], the hole that you’re looking at it has little ridges in it. The reason why is that’s what the inside of a barrel of a gun looks like. And I know this because I noticed that when the guy was holding a f*cking gun on me, I was like, oh, that’s what the James Bond thing is.”

“Now when I’ve told the story in the past, people go Why don’t you just punch him in the face? Why didn’t you just knock the gun out of his hand? It’s like it doesn’t work that way. You don’t know what to do when someone pulls a gun out on you on the side of a dirt road in the middle of Mexico, and I was thinking if this guy shoots me, and my mom can’t find me, mom’s gonna kill me. Like I’m in so much trouble with my mom if he kills me right now.”

“So anyways, he’s demanding my money. And what did I have? I don’t [know] 300 pesos which is about 10 bucks, I give him my money. And they get in their car and they drive away and as they drive away, the chick is like laughing at me. And all I could think of was like, I just bought her dinner at Veeps, it cost me 30 pesos.”

Chris Jericho will have to have his wits about him more than he did in Mexico when he takes on Bryan Danielson, Claudio Castagnoli, and Sammy Guevara at Full Gear with his ROH World Championship on the line.

h/t Inside The Ropes