Chris Jericho Faces Backlash As Chris Benoit Comments Resurface

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho has faced the wrath of fans online as old comments regarding Chris Benoit resurfaced.

Over a weekend in June 2007, the bleakest day in wrestling history was written when Chris Benoit murdered his wife Nancy, who was best known to wrestling fans as Woman, as well as their son Daniel before ending his own life.

When the story broke WWE was instantly in the firing line after airing a tribute episode of Raw for Benoit before further details came to light. When it was then discovered that Benoit was behind the heinous acts, Vince McMahon appeared in a pre-recorded segment before the next edition of ECW and vowed that Benoit would never again be mentioned on WWE TV – a promise that has held ever since.

What Did Chris Jericho Say About Chris Benoit?

Now, the internet has dug up comments made by Chris Jericho regarding the awful situation with Nancy Benoit’s own sister Sandra Toffolini on an episode of his Talk Is Jericho podcast in 2016 and are hauling him over the coals for them:

But the thing for me, Sandy, is like, listen, anybody that’s ever been in a relationship or married, like, you can understand if, in a moment of rage, you can’t agree with it, but you could understand how, someone could, you know, kill their wife.

Some comments made since the comments resurfaced included those labeling Jericho as “despicable,” “strange,” and “terrible” for expressing those views seven years ago.

The Chris Benoit murder-suicide was the subject of a two-part Dark Side of the Ring episode back in March 2020.