Chavo Guerrero Will Be Wrestling Coordinator In New Film

Chavo Guerrero

Chavo Guerrero is going to be involved in a new movie.

There seems to be a chain every time there’s a new professional wrestling movie or television program being produced. Every time a production needs a wrestling professional to help coach and train, as well as consult outside of the ring, one man consistently gets called on, and that’s Chavo Guerrero Jr.

With the upcoming film that Chavo Guerrero is working on, it’s the biggest movie in the world of professional wrestling since 2008’s “The Wrestler.”

According to Wrestling Inc., Guerrero is going to be working behind the scenes on the upcoming “The Iron Claw” film, which is a biographical movie about the wrestling family of the Von Erichs. Wrestling Inc. did note that they couldn’t confirm anything about who was going to be in the movie, but they give confirmation that Guerrero will be involved as the wrestling coordinator of the film, and will also have a role on-screen.

Whether having the credit of wrestling coordinator, trainer or consultant, this will be Guerrero’s third project centered around pro wrestling that he will be involved with. Most recently, he was worked with NBC’s “Young Rock,” and he’s also credited with working with “GLOW,” a Netflix series. With the latter, he was also on-screen as wrestler Chico Guapo.