Charly Arnolt (Caruso) Comments on WWE Departure, Signs Multi-Year Deal with ESPN

Charly Caruso is no more. That’s because the former WWE backstage interviewer and host is focusing on her post-WWE career as she works for ESPN using her real name Charly Arnolt. There were reports over the last few weeks that her contract was expired or close to expiring and the likely reason why is because she was going to have more of a full-time role with ESPN.

Charly started working for WWE in the fall of 2016 and her last appearance was in February. She was hosting PPV Kickoff panels, she did backstage interviews for many years, she hosted Raw Talk when WWE brought it back last year and She is 33 years old.

Here’s what Charly wrote on Instagram:

I am SO excited to announce I have accepted a full-time position with ESPN! ✨ It feels so rewarding to take this next step in my career with a company that has really fostered my growth, and given me a bounty of huge opportunities, since first bringing me on board in 2018.

(The first photo was my very first assignment for the company in Sept 2018 doing SportsCenter updates! Aww!! 😭 how far I’ve come!)

As I take this monumental next step in my career, I can’t do so without thanking so many of the people at WWE who I’ve spent the last nearly 5 years with. Thank you to those on and off camera who I had the chance to connect with not only professionally, but personally. Some true gems! 💎 And of course, thank you to the WWE Universe, a network of some of the most loyal fans in the world. I hope you all continue to stay in touch because your encouragement means everything! Lastly, thank you so very much to my family and friends who have believed in me and my dreams every step of the way. It’s been quite the journey! I love you all 💕

All my love, Charly Arnolt FKA Charly Caruso

There were also stories about how she was late for on-camera WWE interviews, so that got her some heat and I wonder if it was something she was doing to kind of tell the company she wasn’t as invested in the product anymore. I don’t know. That’s just me guessing.

TJR Thoughts: Best of luck to Charly with ESPN. I think she’s extremely talented and definitely easy on the eyes, so I’ll miss seeing her in WWE. With that said, I don’t think she was much of a WWE fan before she got there, so her heart was probably not in it as much by the end. With that said, she is a big sports fan that has done a lot of different things at ESPN, so I think she’s in the place where she wants to be working for the biggest sports network in the world. Plus, she’s a pretty good follow on Instagram. She did well at her job and I wish her the best.