Charlotte Flair Wants To Reach That “Next Level” Like The Rock & John Cena

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Charlotte Flair is a major star in the WWE Universe, but she has aspirations to become even bigger like some men that have become mainstream stars.

As a 14-time Women’s Champion in WWE, Charlotte Flair is in a league of her own since there really aren’t any women that are close to that record.

If anything, there’s anticipation about when “The Queen” will reach 16 Women’s Titles in WWE because that’s the number of World Titles that John Cena and her father Ric Flair won in their careers. Ric claims the number should be 21 World TItles, but the recognized number is 21. Two of Ric’s 16 were in WWE while all of Cena’s were in WWE just like Charlotte.

At WrestleMania 39 last month, Charlotte Flair competed in one of the biggest matches on WrestleMania Saturday when she lost the Smackdown Women’s Title to Rhea Ripley in a match that many people considered one of the best WWE women’s matches of all time.

For Charlotte Flair, it was her seventh WrestleMania and in every one of those matches, she was either a champion or challenging a champion, which is an impressive feat.

In an interview with, Charlotte Flair spoke about some famous male wrestlers and believes she’ll get to that point as well.

“I think now, it’s just getting to that next level. Like, I know that my name is popular within sports entertainment, but I wanna get to that male level of John Cena, The Rock, Batista still. I want to cross over like my dad has so gracefully, and I’ll continue to do that until I get to that point. I hate that I started so late in the game, but I’m here. I think that’s just a matter of time.”

Charlotte Flair continued talking about what might be next for her.

“I’d say for the first time in 10 years, I feel like I’m in that spot now where I can look outside the box. I wanted to do all these things and nothing else mattered. Now, okay, I accomplished these. I’m more comfortable, so now, it’s putting myself in positions where I’m not as comfortable.”

“Seeing what happens, what that will look like, whether that’s auditions, where do I fit in what roles, absolutely. Sports entertainment is my home, but [it’s] seeing what I can take from what I’ve learned in the ring elsewhere.”

After her WrestleMania 39 loss, Charlotte Flair has been off TV for undisclosed reasons although she did say that it was “something that I needed to take care of.” She was recently drafted to the Smackdown brand, which is where she has been for a few years.