Charlotte Flair “As Big As Serena Williams” If She Breaks Huge WWE Record

Serena Williams Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair would be thought of as being in the same league as tennis legend Serena Williams should she smash a certain WWE record says her father.

Ric Flair and John Cena currently share the distinction of being recognised by WWE as being the two stars with the most world title reigns in history with sixteen a piece.

However, the WWE star that looks most likely to break that record right now is The Nature Boy’s own daughter Charlotte Flair who currently has 14 recognised world title reigns to her name – encompassing her runs as Divas, Raw, and SmackDown Women’s Champion.

Speaking on his To Be The Man podcast, Ric Flair noted that should The Queen break his and Cena’s record, she should be thought of as among the very best female athletes on the planet:

“Charlotte, without even thinking. I think it would make a statement heard around the world. She would overnight be as big as Serena Williams. Absolutely. She would be recognized in that light. They’re finally getting to the point where the women athletes are getting recognition. Women are getting more recognition, period, in business and in the business world, which is only fair.”

“If Charlotte were to break our record, I mean, why not? I can tell you right now, we’re not talking about a 2.5 (the rating), we’re talking about a 3.5 with me and Cena walking out there the day she breaks the record. It’s very conceivable she could.”

Charlotte Flair will have her hands full come WrestleMania 39 after 2023 Royal Rumble winner Rhea Ripley announced she was challenging Flair for her SmackDown Women’s Title on the show.