Change Made To Big AEW Revolution Match

AEW Revolution

On AEW Dynamite, Ricky Starks apparently suckered in Chris Jericho to sign up for a rematch but the stipulation for that bout seems to have had an ever-so-subtle tweak.

On Dynamite in Phoenix, Arizona Ricky Starks made his way to the ring to announce that since Chris Jericho wouldn’t agree to a rematch, he was moving on from The Ocho and issuing an open challenge to face him at Revolution.

This, of course, led to Jericho making his presence felt and talking himself into wanting to challenge Starks on pay-per-view even dropping Pretty Peter Avalon with a wicked Judas Effect to stop him from taking advantage of the opportunity.

Starks manipulated Jericho into agreeing to not have The Jericho Appreciation Society at ringside, and the first AEW World Champion added that addendum to the contract and signed on the dotted line before vowing that nobody outsmarts him.

On social media, AEW promoted the match with a graphic noting that “everyone is banned from ringside” before updating that with one which reads that “J.A.S. is banned from ringside.” That latter stipulation is what was agreed in the ring between the two men but the change in promotion has led many to wonder if Jericho does have one big trick up his sleeve that is not The J.A.S. to help him avenge his loss to Starks.

AEW Ricky Starks Chris Jericho Match Graphic 1