Cash Wheeler Remembers Classic NXT Tag Team Rivalry

FTR - Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood AEW

FTR’s Cash Wheeler has looked back fondly on one specific rivalry from his NXT days, and a team he expected at the time to wrestle in to their 60’s.

Having forged their reputation during the black and gold days of NXT, FTR have now made themselves a household name in the wrestling world. However, it was during those early days that they created some of their most classic rivalries.

One of them was when they stepped in the ring with American Alpha, with fans holding their matches from the likes of NXT TakeOver: The End and NXT TakeOver: Dallas in extremely high regard.

Now, Cash Wheeler has looked back on the times the four men shared the ring together, considering it one of the best times of his life.

Taking to Twitter, Wheeler posted that he expected that the two teams would still have been competing many years from now.

I’ll always look back on these matches and this time period as some of the best times of my life. I wish I could still wrestle American Alpha. Hundreds of matches together and I never got tired of it. The things they could’ve accomplished.

Two relatively unknown and unproven teams hitting their strides together at the same time. Both teams having breakout performances in the Dusty Classic. Our careers were so intertwined for the first few years. I thought we’d be wrestling each other in our 60’s.

Comments from Dax Harwood at NJPW’s Royal Quest in the United Kingdom earlier this year seemed to like the spark about unrest with AEW, with there now being plenty of speculation that they will not renew with the company when their contracts expire.