Carmelo Hayes Comments On Winning WWE NXT Championship

carmelo hayes wwe nxt champion

Carmelo Hayes has addressed his huge NXT Championship victory at Stand & Deliver while reflecting on his journey to get where he is today.

In the main event of NXT Stand & Deliver, Carmelo Hayes ended the 362-day championship reign of Bron Breakker.

It was not a match without controversy. They had a very even matchup the whole way with both guys showing off their incredible athleticism. At one point, Carmelo Hayes’ ally Trick Williams helped Hayes get out of a move, but the referee saw it and ejected Trick from ringside.

One of the key spots in the match was when Breakker hit Hayes with a huge Spear leading to the referee getting bumped. That would lead to Breakker applying a Steiner Recliner submission, which is a move that his uncle Scott Steiner used to win many championships in his career. Hayes tapped out, but with no referee there to see it, the tapout didn’t count.

Williams made his presence felt again when he hit Breakker with the NXT Title in the head. The referee woke up to count the pin attempt by Hayes, but it was just a two count. When Bron tried for his finish, Melo countered with double knees. Melo went up top and hit the Nothing But Net leg drop for the pinfall win in a match that went about 16 minutes.

After the match was over, Breakker presented Hayes with the NXT Title and raised his hand in the air as the new champion.

On Twitter, Carmelo Hayes commented on his victory while posting a photo with his new champions. Melo said that it was reflecting on his journey to get to this point.

“For so many years I worked so FN hard to get to this level and persevered so much most people will never even understand. This moment I reflected on all that.


There are rumors that Bron Breakker may be going to WWE main roster after this, so we will have to see if that comes to fruition. For now, NXT is in “THE HIM ERA” as Hayes mentioned in that tweet above.

Carmelo Hayes also shared this throwback photo of when Bron was the NXT Champion and Melo was the NXT North American Champion. Perhaps down the road, there will be a rematch in their future. For now, Hayes is the man on top in NXT.