Bully Ray Reacts To Alpha Academy Using “Get The Tables” On WWE Raw

wwe alpha academy

The Alpha Academy did a Dudley Boyz spot on WWE Raw and Bully Ray has given his opinion on the tag team borrowing from the Dudleys.

Chad Gable, Otis and Maxxine Dupri are a cohesive unit as The Alpha Academy these days on Raw. While it took a few months to reach that point since Maxxine initially wanted to take Otis away from Gable, she changed her tune thanks to wrestling training provided by “Master” Gable.

For the past few years, former Raw Tag Team Champions Chad Gable & Otis (aka The Alpha Academy) were heels that tried to annoy the fans. Gable’s “SHOOSH PLEASE” was a phrase used to make the fans angry and shouting “Thank You” was done with the intent to bother the fans. However, things have changed and they have become a babyface act.

This past Monday on Raw, the Alpha Academy was in a fun “Viking Rules Match” with the Viking Raiders, which meant weapons were legal in the match. At one point, Otis shouted at Gable to “get a table.” That’s something that Bubba Ray Dudley (aka Bully Ray) shouted to his “brother” D-Von Dudley of The Dudley Boyz. They were doing that in ECW as well in the mid-1990s and then it just grew during their WWE run in the 2000s.

While Gable did get a table during the match, it was actually Valhalla of the Viking Raiders, who tacked Dupri through the table that was set up against the turnbuckle. The Viking Raiders got the win over the Alpha Academy with the Ragnarok (double Powerbomb) on the big man Otis.

Bully Ray is a regular co-host on the popular Busted Open Radio show on Sirius XM. In an interview with Sportskeeda, Bully Ray said that he was okay with it and he thought the match was awesome.

“I understand it’s mine, but that’s like the highest form of flattery when other people in the wrestling industry decide to borrow your stuff and that’s what they were doing. They’re borrowing my stuff. Obviously, me and my brother D-Von made, ‘Get The Tables’ famous, and Coach Gable Get The Tables was very appropriate for last night’s match.”

“I absolutely loved the fact that they borrowed the tagline. I thought the match was awesome. I think everybody in the match did a hell of a job and props to the ladies for doing such a great spear through the table towards the end of the match.”

When asked if WWE or Alpha Academy asked for permission to use the phrase, Bully Ray said no, but he was okay with it.

“No, not at all. I mean, look at all of the things that have been borrowed from myself or myself and D-Von. I mean, last night, we got the, ‘Get the table’ spot. If Chad Gable and Otis wanted to start using ‘Get the Tables’ every single time they’re out there, I would have no problem with that because ‘Get the Tables’ gets a monster reaction every time somebody does it, and it gets the WWE Universe involved. So God bless them. I hope it works for them.”

As he continued, Bully Ray spoke about The Usos using the 3D (Dudley Death Drop) as a finishing move and renaming it the 1D (1 And Done).

“Let’s look at the Usos borrowing the 3D. You know, they renamed it the 1-D, the one and done. It’s been going great for them. Trinity, now your Impact Women’s Champion using the Bubba Bomb. It’s working out great for her. So hey man, go out there, use whatever you want that me and D-Von came up with.”

“I hope it works great for you and I hope you get a ton of success out of it because as I compare with rock and roll, when a rock and roll band decides to cover another band’s song, it’s the highest form of flattery saying we liked you as a band.”

“We liked you so much and we love you so much that we’d like to do a version of the song you wrote, and if anybody wants to do a version of the songs and the hits that me and D-Von wrote, more power to them.”