Bully Ray Believes He Could Draw 1 Million Viewers For AEW Dynamite

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Wrestling legend Bully Ray believes that he could be used in an AEW storyline that would lead to more fans watching Dynamite.

This past Wednesday on AEW Dynamite, the new FTW Champion “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry did a promo blasting the FTW Title not being a big deal in the past, but he claims it is important now because he is holding it. Jack went on to rip on ECW because current AEW announcer Taz created the FTW Title when he was in ECW an brought it to AEW a few years ago.

During that Jack Perry promo blasting ECW, current AEW Producer Jerry Lynn got in Jack’s face for being disrespectful. Even though Lynn, who wrestled in ECW, retired several years ago, he got in Perry’s face and Perry backed away instead of fighting Lynn there. They are scheduled to have some sort of segment next week on Dynamite.

Bully Ray is a WWE (known as Bubba Ray Dudley of The Dudley Boyz) & IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Famer that knows a lot about ECW as one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of that promotion.

While talking about AEW Dynamite on Busted Open Radio, a show that he co-hosts, Bully Ray had an idea for Jack Perry’s storyline blasting ECW legends to help AEW draw over one million viewers.

“If the story went down the ECW road and I showed up in the right town … there’s monster business to be done there.”

“This is not me blowing smoke up my own ass. If you announced that Bully Ray, or even Tommy Dreamer to the matter, were showing up on ‘AEW Dynamite’ on whatever week it was, to come face-to-face and confront Jack Perry, you’re doing over a million viewers. Guaranteed.”

“Tommy fits the part the best. Him and Taz were the bestest of best friends, Tommy was Taz’s best man at his wedding. The story is so deep, it’s there if you want to go down the ECW road. If you do go down that ECW road, you will make Jack Perry a bigger star at the end of this story than you can with any other talent that’s in ECW right now.”

The reason why Bully Ray mentioned one million viewers is that while AEW ratings are generally strong compared to the rest of cable TV, they aren’t getting over one million viewers on average for AEW Dynamite, but he feels like his presence or Tommy Dreamer being on the show could help.

Where Is Bully Ray Wrestling Now?

Bully Ray currently works for IMPACT Wrestling, which is a company where he was a former World Champion using the name Bully Ray. In his current role in the company, he is one of the top heels that has challenged for the IMPACT Wrestling World Heavyweight Title this year. However, he’s not under a full-time contract with the company.

At IMPACT Wrestling’s Slammiversary event earlier this month, Bully Ray teamed up with Deaner in a match they lost against Scott D’Amore and a returning Eric Young. Bully Ray doesn’t wrestle that often anymore, but his legendary status adds a lot to the IMPACT brand.