Buff Bagwell Recounts WCW Locker Room Reaction To Controversial World Champion

Buff Bagwell Recounts WCW Locker Room Reaction To Controversial World Champion

WCW’s final creative decisions remain a topic of heated debate among wrestling fans, with one of the most controversial moves being the crowning of Hollywood actor David Arquette as the WCW World Heavyweight Champion. This unexpected decision shocked many and continues to draw criticism within the wrestling community.

Former WCW star Buff Bagwell shed light on the atmosphere in the WCW locker room during Arquette’s title reign in an appearance on Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ “Snake Pit” podcast. Bagwell reflected on whether the wrestlers could have influenced or prevented the decision, acknowledging the widespread belief that it was a misguided move.

David Arquette was our World Heavyweight Champion. It was, again, above my pay grade, though. Who would I even take that to?

Bagwell questioned, highlighting the lack of avenues for dissent within the organisation at the time. Bagwell recounted his discussions with fellow roster members, including wrestling icons like Lex Luger, Sting and Kevin Nash. The consensus was one of disbelief and helplessness, with nobody feeling empowered to challenge the controversial decision.

I remember talking with Lex and Sting about it and then hearing the rumours from Nash and everybody’s opinion was that it was crazy, it was out of control, and nobody knew what to do about it.

Despite the shared dissatisfaction, Bagwell admitted he did not have a close relationship with Arquette, emphasising the professional and cordial nature of their interactions. Additionally, he revealed that the WCW roster was hoping for the potential acquisition of the company by Eric Bischoff, a rumour that circulated as a beacon of optimism amid the creative chaos.

How Did The Rock React To Vince Russo Joining WCW?

The Rock spoke about his reaction to Vince Russo leaving WWE for WCW and said that he was happy for Russo. The Rock emphasised that due to the nature of professional wrestling people leave to join different companies all the time and that Russo was just doing what was best for him and his family at that time so he harbours no ill feelings towards him.

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