Buff Bagwell Reveals He May Have To Undergo Amputation

Buff Bagwell

Buff Bagwell may have to get an amputation done.

Back in 2020, Buff Bagwell would be involved in a car accident, and to this day, he’s still feeling the aftereffects from his injuries. As a result, the former WCW star and New World Order (NWO) member might have to get an amputation done. Bagwell was behind the wheel when he crash happened in Cobb County, Georgia.

Recently making an appearance on “Insight with Chris Van Vliet” for an interview, Buff Bagwell revealed that he was originally positive about recovering from the crash, but also put a spotlight on how deep the damage truly is.

“The actual injury is my patella tendon exploded; it’s not there. So, they cut you down your calf, and they bring a piece of your calf muscle to your knee, and they rebuild your patella tendon. It’s called a gastrocnemius flap.

Well, as I went to the doctor that day, the flap isn’t even there anymore. Now, there’s all kind of stuff, chips and arthritis. All kind of stuff is going on, and it’s bad news. Amputation is on the table. It’s on the table. Not that they want to do that, but it’s on the table.”

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