Buff Bagwell Denies Arrest Reports

Buff Bagwell

Buff Bagwell has denied recent reports that he was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs.

Cobb County records in Marietta, Georgia show Marcus Bagwell was arrested on July 13th on misdemeanour charges for speeding and driving under the influence of drugs at 1.30 pm. He was released from custody 48 hours later on Saturday, 15th of July.

Buff Bagwell has been arrested for similar offenses in the past with a 2021 arrest leading to charges related to a 2020 crash which also included driving under the influence of drugs.

However, all might not be as it seems as Bagwell has now taken to social media to deny a new offense and says his recent time in jail related to a historical offense:

“Just wanted to clarify to everyone that I am 11 months sober (tomorrow). I see there is news out that I had to spend time in jail for a DUI but this was from the original offense years ago. I did get a recent sanction because I didn’t document a recent trip out of state properly”

When Was Buff Bagwell In WWE?

After a stellar career in WCW which saw him hold the WCW World Tag Team Championship on five different occasions as well as join the nWo, Buff Bagwell made the jump to WWE when WCW was acquired by Vince McMahon in 2001.

Bagwell only competed once on WWE television however, losing to WCW World Champion Booker T in an infamous bout on Raw that many believe led Vince McMahon to pull the plug on continuing to run the WCW brand.