Bryan Danielson Update On Wrestling Future In AEW

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Bryan Danielson spoke about his future on AEW Collision and a new report has details on what it really means for the American Dragon.

It was around two years ago when Bryan Danielson chose to walk away from his WWE career as Daniel Bryan and go back to using his real name again in AEW. Bryan spent over 12 years in WWE where he became a five-time WWE World Champion, a two-time WrestleMania main eventer, and obviously a future Hall of Famer.

At the age of 42 years old with over 20 years of experience in pro wrestling, Bryan Danielson is obviously at the tail end of his pro wrestling career.

On AEW Collision in Cleveland, Danielson spoke about his family life since he’s married to WWE Hall of Famer Brie Bella and they have a daughter & son together.

“What’s next? So, I told my daughter that once she turns seven, I would start finishing up on my career. And she’s six right now. And I’m a man who keeps my promises, especially to the people I love. Time is running out.”

“But that said, I will not go gently into that good night. If you think I will, you don’t know who the hell I am. I am going to fight the cyclops. I am going to kick everybody’s head in! Because if this is my last year, if this is my final year, this will be the most epic year of my career.”

“And guess what? I’m calling my shots. And my next shot is this. Seattle, Washington, Wrestledream, I want to fight Zack Sabre, Jr.”

It turns out that Bryan Danielson speaking about his “final year” is because he really meant it. According to Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso, “multiple people close to the situation confirmed that Danielson will be stepping away from wrestling full-time in the next year, yet may remain a special attraction for AEW.”

That likely means that after his current contract ends in about one year (it could have more time added due to injuries), Danielson could remain in AEW under a part-time wrestling deal while also contributing behind the scenes in AEW as well.

Bryan Danielson set for “Dream Match” at WrestleDream PPV

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Following the Bryan Danielson promo that aired on AEW Collision, it was confirmed by AEW’s CEO & GM Tony Khan that the American Dragon will face the NJPW World TV Champion at the AEW WrestleDream PPV in Seattle, Washington, which is Bryan’s home state.

It’s a dream match for fans of great technical wrestlers, which is what Danielson and Sabre are known for being.

Danielson is no stranger to a dream match because, at June’s AEW-NJPW Forbidden Door pay-per-view, Danielson headlined the show with Kazuchika Okada in another dream match. Danielson got the win even though he suffered a broken arm during the match, yet he was somehow able to keep going.