Bryan Danielson Involved In Secret Mission With Ex-WWE Star

Bryan Danielson entrance AEW Collision

Bryan Danielson might have been a little bit more active in retirement than first thought.

After an injury-hit previous two years, Bryan Danielson announced his retirement from in-ring competition in February 2016. At the time, Danielson (known as Daniel Bryan) was one of WWE’s most popular stars, and his retirement due to concussion-related issues hit fans hard around the world.

However, Danielson never gave up hope that he’d wrestle again and made repeated efforts to get cleared, finally getting his wish in early 2018.

That’s not to say that Danielson stayed completely out of the ring during his retirement.

During a virtual signing for East Coast Autograph Auctions, ex-WWE star Mike Rallis — formerly known as Riddick Moss, revealed he was once summoned to the Performance Center for a secret training session with the American Dragon.

“When he was officially retired, I was called into the Performance Center for a secret, a super secret mission and it was to train with him in the ring when no one else was allowed in there and I was sworn to secrecy for that and I just gotta say, that guy is as good as advertised. I couldn’t believe how good he was in the ring… Daniel Bryan (is who I’m talking about).

He was just so smooth and everything was exactly where it should be. He was amazing, and so I’ll take credit for his comeback (Rallis laughed).”

Rallis signed with WWE in 2014 and remained part of the NXT roster until being called up to Raw in January 2020. The star was released by the company in September 2023. Mike Rallis recently married former WWE star Emma at a ceremony in Hawaii.

Bryan Danielson Claims WWE Stars Want AEW To Succeed

During a recent appearance at SXSW, Bryan Danielson recalled the reaction within WWE to the launch of AEW.

The now-AEW star explained that contrary to what fans might think, most people within WWE want the company to succeed. Danielson added that the more wrestling companies there are making money and running quality shows, the better it is for the industry as a whole.

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