“Bryan Danielson Made My Job Easy” Says WWE Producer

Bryan Danielson

Bryan Danielson was so good in the ring and at wrestling in general that one WWE producer didn’t have to do very much when working with him.

Many wrestlers have become producers once their in-ring careers ended. By becoming producers, these figures became critical go-between figures between WWE’s creative department and the wrestlers.

Several times these producers have been integral to adding more to a great match. For example, Shawn Michaels noted that the finish for his WrestleMania 25 match with The Undertaker came from the producer appointed to them, Jamie Noble.

But then there are cases when a wrestler is so good that the producer doesn’t have to do much to figure out how to accomplish everything needed in a match. According to TJ Wilson, a.k.a. Tyson Kidd, that was the case when he produced Bryan Danielson’s matches in WWE.

Tyson Kidd praises Bryan Danielson for his ability to put matches together in WWE

In an interview with Ryan Satin, Tyson Kidd noted that Bryan Danielson made his life easy when they teamed together and competed against each other.

“My whole second tour of New Japan was Bryan and I in tags. We would do tags, six-man, and eight-man tags. Liger, same thing, he would come to back, ‘Perfect, every night so good.’ I was like, ‘teaming with Bryan is about as easy as it gets. This is easy.’ He makes my job so easy and it was fun.”

Additionally, Kidd noted how Bryan also exceled in comedy matches, which included some of their match on the more child-friendly show Saturday Morning Slam.

“What I always laugh so hard about that match is, it has to be the funniest or worst use of Kane’s entrance and pyro of all-time. We used it out of like the airplane, and it goes into an airplane spin.

That distracted me and Bryan hit me with an airplane spin. He’s dizzy too, so he misses a dropkick in the corner where I’m nowhere near there. I remember Bryan laughing so hard.

That was in Buffalo, and this fan has a giant sign saying ‘Tyson Kidd is a workhorse.’

We get to the back and Bryan was laughing so hard and was like, ‘Not tonight. Not tonight you’re not’ because we were in this comedy match. He’s laughing and is all, ‘You really let that guy down tonight.'”

h/t Fightful