Bryan Danielson Would “Love” To Just Work AEW’s YouTube Shows

Bryan Danielson with hands on hips

If Bryan Danielson had his way, he wouldn’t be wrestling on AEW Dynamite.

Bryan Danielson first started wrestling back in 1999 and has always fought in a high-intensity and taxing style. That style took many years off his career and a litany of injuries caused him to retire for two full years.

And although he returned to active competition in 2018 and had a successful WWE run post-retirement, his AEW run has been, according to many fans, underwhelming.

Since debuting in AEW, Bryan Danielson hasn’t done very much of note. He hasn’t chased the world title, hasn’t been in any critical storylines, and hasn’t put himself in the spotlight.

But apparently, that’s by design.

On an episode of One Fall with Ron Funches, Bryan Danielson explained that he’d rather be on AEW’s YouTube shows helping others than being the centre of attention on Dynamite or Dark:

“My goal — I don’t even know if its a goal. What I feel like my job is in wrestling at this point is service, and that’s actually what brings me the most joy…

Me being champion or anything like that, if AEW really wanted me to be a champion or whatever it is, I’d do it if they thought it was good for business or whatever it is but that’s not what inspires me or brings me joy.

Being able to get in the ring with younger talent and being able to give back, all that kind of stuff, that’s the stuff that brings value to my life now, especially as an older wrestler, as somebody who’s 41. I don’t need the spotlight, nor do I even really want the spotlight…

I love [that] AEW does AEW Dark and AEW Dark: Elevation on YouTube and I love those platforms and I would love just being on those shows and then, I would love to do that but I think Tony Khan pays me too much money to do that.”

h/t POST Wrestling for the transcription