Bryan Danielson Is Taking A Stand Against Halloween

Bryan Danielson is anti-Halloween

Bryan Danielson explained why he’s saying a firm no to Halloween.

AEW star Bryan Danielson’s passion for professional wrestling can only be rivaled by his passion for the environment. In fact, during his final WWE Championship run as Daniel Bryan, he adopted the gimmick of the “Planet’s Champion,” replacing the leather WWE Championship belt with one made out of wood and natural stones.

Speaking to his wife Brie Garcia on the latest episode of the Nikki & Brie Show, Danielson addressed the environmental impact of Halloween, saying that he’s taking a stand against the holiday as he believes costumes to be wasteful.

“I think Halloween does a number on the environment. So yeah, I think we should take a stand against Halloween right now and say ‘no more Halloween costumes.’ It’s a very logical argument. It’s not like Thanksgiving where we’re celebrating family. It’s not like Christmas where depending on your tradition or whatever it is, could be a religious holiday or another family celebration. Halloween is really none of those things, so why are we celebrating and why are we getting dressed up.”

Bryan Danielson Set For Huge Title Match On October 14th Collision

On a special Title Tuesday episode of AEW Dynamite, Bryan Danielson opened the show in a bout against Swerve Strickland for a TNT Title match opportunity. In the end, Swerve was outdone by Danielson, who won the match by pinfall after a Busaiko running knee.

After his victory, Danielson will face Christian for the TNT Championship on the October 14th episode of Collision.

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