Bryan Danielson Admits He Can Feel The End Coming

aew Bryan Danielson with eyepatch

Bryan Danielson believes that he can feel the end of his in-ring career as he competes in the AEW Continental Classic.

The AEW Continental Classic is heading into its final week of the round-robin portion of the tournament. The top two wrestlers in each “league” will meet in the semifinals on the December 27th episode of Dynamite. The winners of those matches will meet in the Continental Classic Finals at AEW Worlds End in Long Island, NY on December 30th. The standings are below.

Gold League:

Jon Moxley 4-0-0 = 12 points
Swerve Strickland 3-1-0 = 9 points
Jay White 3-1-0 = 9 points
Rush 2-2-0 = 6 points
Jay Lethal 0-4-0 = 0 points
Mark Briscoe 0-4-0 = 0 points

Blue League:

Bryan Danielson 3-1-0 = 9 points
Andrade El Idolo 3-1-0 = 9 points
Brody King 2-2-0 = 6 points
Claudio Castagnoli 2-2-0 = 6 points
Eddie Kingston 2-2-0 = 6 points
Daniel Garcia 0-4-0 = 0 points

On the December 16th edition of AEW Collision, Bryan Danielson picked up a big win over Brody King to put Danielson atop the Blue League with Andrade El Idolo.

After AEW Collision, the company’s digital team posted this video of Danielson talking about the tournament as well as his family.

“Usually you guys catch me while I’m meditating. But I wasn’t meditating because I was getting yelled at by Doc Sampson. I know that when I get back to the locker room, I’m gonna be yelled at from my wife. When I get home tomorrow, my daughter’s gonna see me and cry. My son, he’s gonna say, ‘Arrr, matey,’ and then try to hit me in the eye. [Laughs] But I know what’s coming. My wife’s gonna ask me why. The answer is also a question.”

“What are you gonna do with this one wild and precious life? For me, I’m gonna fight. That’s what brings me joy. That’s what makes me feel alive. I’ve just got it for less than a year now. I can feel the end coming, but the end’s not yet. I’m still in the game. I still have a chance to make it to the semi-finals of the Continental Classic.”

Bryan Danielson Waited A Long Time To Be In a Tournament Like The Continental Classic

It is well known that Bryan Danielson is planning to retire as a full-time wrestler in 2024 although he does plan to wrestle again after that. As he continued talking after Collision, Bryan Danielson spoke about wrestling his Blackpool Combat Club teammate Claudio Castagnoli.

“Do you know how long I’ve wanted to be in a tournament like this? With these men? Somebody like Brody King just going after me, knowing I’m hurt, and going after me with everything that he’s got? Do you know how much I love that? It might hurt, but I love this. Next week, me and Claudio, a man that I’ve known for over 20 years. Do I think he’s gonna go after my eye, given that we’re friends? Given that we’re teammates?”

“I damn well hope he does because that’s how we train in the BCC. Because I don’t want to win this with people going half-assed. If you’re getting in the ring with Bryan Danielson, you better bring everything you’ve got. Because Claudio, next week, I’m bringing everything I got.”

According to AEW’s Continental Classic page on their website, the following matches will take on the December 20th edition of Dynamite: Swerve Strickland vs. Rush, Jon Moxley vs. Jay White and Jay Lethal vs. Mark Briscoe.

In the Blue League, these matches will take place on the December 23rd episode of Collision: Andrade El Idolo vs. Eddie Kingston, Claudio Castagnoli vs. Bryan Danielson and Brody King vs. Daniel Garcia.

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