Bruce Prichard Says WWE Hall Of Famers Were Boring

Bruce Prichard WWE

Bruce Prichard has shared his thoughts on a couple of WWE Hall of Famers.

The Four Horsemen formed in 1985, with the group initially made up of Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson, and Tully Blanchard, with J.J. Dillion serving as the quartet’s manager. The faction dominated Jim Crockett Promotions for the best part of three years before Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard left for the WWF after multiple disputes over pay.

The tag team legends were repackaged as The Brain Busters and paired with Bobby “The Brain” Heenan before winning the World Tag Team Titles.

However, despite only debuting with the company in October 1988, the pair were gone by December 1989, with Anderson back in WCW. Blanchard had been due to join him, but the company backed out after it learned he’d failed a drug test for cocaine.

Speaking on his podcast, Something To Wrestle, Bruce Prichard said that while Anderson and Blanchard were great in the ring, they were bland when paired together.

“I think that Tully was an excellent wrestler, I think that Arn was an excellent wrestler. I think that when they got together as a tag team that they became very bland,”

Bruce Prichard Thinks Brain Busters Were More Valuable On Their Own

Prichard added that he felt the duo could have easily headlined shows individually, but as a team, they could be boring.

“When the Horsemen had all the individual titles, I thought that was cool, because you had guys that had individual programs,” Prichard said.

“Arn could stand on his own, Tully could stand on his own. I think when Tully and Arn were together as a tag team that they were out there to get beat. Big fan of them, working-wise, in the ring. Individually. Look, they were a great a tag team, I just thought they were boring at times… individually, either one of them could’ve headlined. As a tag team, they couldn’t.”

During a different episode of his podcast, Bruce Prichard recalled a WWE producer trying to book Britney Spears to appear on Raw.

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