Reason Bruce Prichard Still In WWE After Vince McMahon Exit

Bruce Prichard WWE

The fall of Vince McMahon could lead to wider repercussions for others in WWE with close relationships with the former Chairman, including Bruce Prichard.

Vince McMahon has resigned as Executive Chairman of TKO after a lawsuit was filed against him containing sordid allegations of sexual assault and sex trafficking.

One former WWE star has demanded the company clean house of anyone who knew anything about McMahon’s alleged behaviour and reports have suggested that those with a perceived close relationship with McMahon could be looked at negatively by Endeavor.

Long-time Vince McMahon ally Kevin Dunn quit WWE in late 2023 just three months after the Endeavor takeover of WWE and for years, Bruce Prichard has been seen as one of McMahon’s right-hand men, which means his future is now under the spotlight.

WWE Making Major Changes “Very Slowly”

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained what he’d heard about why Bruce Prichard is still part of WWE despite many thinking he’d be gone following McMahon’s fall from power:

Bruce is an interesting one with Vince gone. I know people there who are very high up who do think very highly of Bruce so it’s not like he has no allies. Bruce was on the list of people when Vince resigned the first time, it was like the people who were expected to be gone as was Kevin Dunn.

The thing that I was told at the time, about a month later was for Wall Street reasons we don’t it to look like there’s this mass departure so it will roll out very, very slowly.

It should be made clear that there is absolutely no suggestion at this time that Kevin Dunn or Bruce Prichard were aware of the allegations made in the lawsuit.

Vince McMahon’s son-in-law Triple H admitted he had not read the lawsuit as he skirted the issue during the post-Royal Rumble press conference.

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