Bruce Prichard Reveals Which Unexpected Name Could Have Been WWE’s Next ‘Top Guy’

Bruce Prichard Reveals Which Unexpected Name Could Have Been WWE's Next 'Top Guy'

Bruce Prichard reflected on WWE’s ambitious effort to elevate WCW import Sean O’Haire to a prominent position within the company.

During an episode of “Something to Wrestle,” Bruce Prichard shared candid insights into O’Haire’s potential and the challenges that hindered his rise to stardom.

I thought Sean O’Haire could’ve been the next guy. He had all the tools, had the look, and could do some incredible things in the ring. Unfortunately, he had no psychology and, or larger-than-life personality to bring him to the next level,” Prichard explained. “He got so far on his look, he got so far on ‘Oh wow, this big man can do incredible things.’ But that’s where it ended, unfortunately.

Despite O’Haire’s undeniable physical prowess and in-ring capabilities, his lack of compelling character depth and psychological acumen posed significant barriers to his advancement.

O’Haire’s WWE trajectory unfolded against the backdrop of the Invasion angle, where he initially reunited with his WCW tag team partner, Chuck Palumbo. Following this period, he embarked on a developmental phase in Ohio Valley Wrestling.

After his stint in OVW, O’Haire reemerged on WWE programming, aligning himself with WWE Hall of Famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper in a bid to carve out a new chapter in his career.

Unfortunately, O’Haire’s WWE career did not pan out as hoped. He was released in April 2004, after spending just under three years with the company. Despite the initial high hopes and significant investment in his potential, O’Haire struggled to find a lasting place in the WWE roster.

Tragically, O’Haire passed away at the age of 43 in 2014, marking the end of a career that many believed could have been much more illustrious had circumstances been different.

What Did Bruce Prichard Say Was The Reason The Great Muta Never Wrestled For WWE?

Bruce Prichard said that the reason The Great Muta never wrestled for WWE was due to contract negotiation issues. Prichard said that the language barrier meant that they had to use Gary Hart, Muta’s long-time friend and manager and that he had no interest in striking a deal between them.

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