Bruce Prichard Talks Working With Hulk Hogan At The Peak Of Hulkamania

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Bruce Prichard has described what it was like being on camera with Hulk Hogan in front of a crowd during the peak of Hulkamania.

Whenever there’s a discussion about what wrestler got the loudest crowd reactions in the history of pro wrestling, the name of Hulk Hogan should be right near the top. After all, Hulk Hogan’s initial run in WWE the WWE World Heavyweight Champion from 1984 for another eight years or so was really impressive.

Any fan of that era is going to remember just how popular Hulk Hogan was thanks to the support of the Hulkamaniacs (the fans) that believed in everything he was saying and doing.

Bruce Prichard is a guy that was very familiar with the rise of Hulkamania since he was a performer named Brother Love, who wore some ridiculous red makeup on his face while interviewing wrestlers like Hogan, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Jake Roberts, Ted Dibiase, Andre the Giant and many others.

On a recent episode of his Something To Wrestle podcast covering the 1989 Royal Rumble, Bruce recalled what it was like working with peak Hogan when Bruce was just a guy in his mid-20s and a very red face.

“I’d have to say this was probably Hulk’s hottest time and when you think about — Hogan was the man. Hogan was like — being in the ring with Hulk Hogan is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my entire professional career. It was electricity. It was…you felt the arena shake. It was insane. Just the level of participation from the audience that loved him.”

“Man, that music hit and the roar it was like being at the beach and the way and just that roar of Hulk coming out and then when he got in the ring with you man and he did that one look and the music came down and it was just, for me, I was…God at this time I was 24, 25 (years old).”

“It was amazing, absolutely amazing, never felt anything like it and it was the type of reaction that people only dream of and here I am in the ring with him and getting to experience it.”

In his current role in WWE, Bruce Prichard is a WWE Executive Director that is part of the creative team.

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