WWE Hall Of Famer Predicts When Bron Breakker Is Headed To Main Roster

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Bron Breakker interacted with some big names recently on WWE NXT, which has led to a prediction of a main roster arrival very soon.

This past Tuesday on WWE NXT, former two-time NXT Champion Bron Breakker had a major presence on the show.

For the past two years since the NXT 2.0 rebrand featured more “rookies” than ever in 2021, Bron Breakker has been at the centerpiece of the brand along with Carmelo Hayes. That’s why they headlined NXT this past Tuesday on an episode that featured the likes of John Cena, The Undertaker, Asuka, Paul Heyman, LA Knight and others who are not considered NXT regulars.

When John Cena was doing a promo in the first hour of the show, it was Bron Breakker who interrupted. Bron got right in Cena’s face, punched him in the head and nearly ate an Attitude Adjustment before leaving.

Bron Breakker also had a backstage segment with the “Wise Man” Paul Heyman, who called Bron a future WrestleMania main eventer. Heyman also did an incredible introduction for Breakker prior to the main event.

In that main event, Carmelo Hayes beat Bron Breakker with a Nothing But Net leg drop to the head. Bron was distracted by Cena’s presence at ringside during the match.

After the match, Breakker did a cheap shot Spear to knock Hayes down. Breakker did a promo saying he was the only badass in WWE. That led to the unannounced entrance of the “American Badass” The Undertaker, who appeared on his motorcycle.

The Undertaker said that he had been watching Bron for a long time. Taker said that one day you’re going to be a very special talent. Taker told Bron it ain’t today and Undertaker punched Bron in the jaw! Bron staggered back toward him and The Undertaker grabbed him by the throat. The Undertaker gave Bron a Chokeslam. The Undertaker told Bron he’ll give him a little bit of advice. The Undertaker said there’s always a bigger badass waiting around the corner. The Undertaker said you just met the biggest badass of them all.

Some people might think that Bron Breakker was hurt by that interaction since he was beaten up by a man in his late 50s, but others see the benefit of having a young star like Breakker interact with somebody like The Undertaker.

Eric Bischoff predicts Bron Breakker’s WWE main roster debut

In the opinion of WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff, Bron Breakker could debut on the main roster within the next month. That’s what Bischoff said on his Strictly Business podcast.

“I believe that every one of the talents that we saw in that ring benefited from the rub. You know, that’s a term that people have been hearing now for decades, right? You’re in the ring with The Undertaker. You’ve got a segment backstage with Paul Heyman. You’re in a bit of an angle with John Cena with physicality.”

“Every one of those stars benefited, those young talents, they’re not stars yet. This is still the C show. This is still the developmental roster, folks. And every one of them benefited from their interactions with that top talent that came in from WWE as cameo appearances every one of them some more than others.”

“Bron Breakker did. Really did. If he’s in NXT a month from now I’m gonna be shocked.”

While Bischoff seems confident in that prediction, it’s possible that WWE keeps Breakker in NXT until their next PLE called Deadline in December because Von Wagner will likely come back for revenge based on their recent angle that put Wagner in the hospital.

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