Bron Breakker Retains NXT Championship At Halloween Havoc

Bron Breakker

And still NXT Champion! Bron Breakker!

For the main event of WWE NXT’s Halloween Havoc Premium Live Event on Saturday, October 22, 2022, current NXT Champion Bron Breakker, JD McDonagh and Ilja Dragunov squared off in a Triple Threat match for the NXT Championship.

At first, it appeared that Bron Breakker and Dragunov were going to square off one-on-one with McDonagh backing off, however, Dragunov would hit with McDonagh with a kick and that’s where things would escalate between the three.

As things started to unfold with the match, McDonagh started to dominate, landing moves on both Bron Breakker and Dragunov, and countering everything Dragunov threw at him. At one point, Breakker would get knocked out and exit the ring, leading to McDonagh rolling all over the former NXT UK Champion. Eventually, Breakker would try to get back in the ring to launch an attack on McDonagh, but he would also counter Breakker, once again putting him out of action.

After a solid few minutes of domination, Bron Breakker would get back in the ring and finally take control of the match, laying out both McDonagh and Dragunov. With Breakker in control, McDonagh would move to a new strategy, getting in the ring for a sneak pin on Breakker and then rolling out of the ring quickly, however, Breakker would still remain in control of the match, with McDonagh and Dragunov eventually going after each other after Breakker separated himself from the action after a hit was landed on him.

Later, Dragunov would then make his move with both Bron Breakker and McDonagh laying on the mat, hitting a move on Breakker from the ropes, which would leave all three men knocked out. Eventually, Breakker and Dragunov would get back, resuming the brawl with McDonagh recovering on the side.

However, McDonagh would eventually get caught celebrating the fighting going on between Breakker and Dragunov, which led to both of them ganging up on McDonagh, rolling all over him until he would thrown out of the ring and laid out on the floor. After that, it would turn into a one-on-one battle between Breakker and Dragunov.

Dragunov would attempt to overpower Breakker, however, it had minimal effect, with Breakker about to exercise his power instead, but McDonagh would manage to get back in the ring to stop a possible match-ending move from Breakker.

Still in control of the match, Breakker pulled an incredible powerbomb from the turnbuckles, slamming McDonagh right into Dragunov and laying out both men, but they wouldn’t stay down for long with all three once again brawling in the ring.

Later, it would mainly be Breakker and McDonagh going back and forth with being in control of the match, with all three completely tired. However, Breakker would still have some power in him, managing to slam both McDonagh and Dragunov at the same time.

At one point in the match, Dragunov would completely take over the match, landing multiple huge moves on Breakker and would nearly accomplish the pincount, but McDonagh would literally catch the arm of the referee stopping the 1-2-3 count, which kept the match going. Following that, a singles fight would then break out between Dragunov and McDonagh, with Dragunov eventually knocking out McDonagh, leading to more one-on-one action between Dragunov and Breakker.

Dragunov would attempt to land his finisher on Breakker once again after he laid him out in the ring, but Breakker would counter him with a spear, which resulted in him retaining his NXT Championship.