Brock Lesnar Praised The Paul Brothers At Crown Jewel – “I’m Proud Of You Guys” (VIDEO)

brock lesnar wwe crown jewel

Brock Lesnar has given his approval to Logan & Jake Paul saying he was proud of them for what they’ve accomplished in their careers.

At WWE Crown Jewel on November 5th, Brock Lesnar faced one of his biggest rivals Bobby Lashley in the opening match on the show. The match was dominated by Lashley, who jumped Lesnar before the bell, but Lesnar found a way to win. Lashley had the Hurt Lock submission locked on leading to Lesnar kicking off the ropes and falling backward on top of Lashley for the pinfall win.

Since Crown Jewel, Lesnar hasn’t appeared on television while Lashley has made it clear he wants a third match with Lesnar considering they each have one win.

Also at Crown Jewel, Logan Paul had an impressive showing against Roman Reigns in a match for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. While Logan failed to win the championship(s), he showed that he belonged in WWE and

During that championship match, Logan’s younger brother and boxer Jake Paul showed up to help by knocking out The Usos. After Logan dove onto The Usos on the floor, Reigns recovered after being down and hit a Superman Punch followed by a Spear for the win.

A video was shown from behind the scenes before Crown Jewel with Jake talking to Lesnar with Brock asking Jake if he was excited:

“Yeah, I’m a little nervous. Just because I’ve never done it before.”

Lesnar did his part to make Jake comfortable by offering these words of encouragement.

“I’m excited for you guys. I followed you guys. I’m proud of you guys, you’ve done well.”

On the day of Crown Jewel earlier this month, Jake also posted this photo with Brock Lesnar calling him a future tag team partner.