Brock Lesnar Has “No Class” Says WWE Star

Brock Lesnar F5s Triple H

Brock Lesnar faces one of the biggest challenges of his career at WrestleMania 39 in a very literal sense as he is set to do battle with the giant Omos.

Omos’ associate MVP pushed for the match and incredibly, on an episode of Raw, was able to sell Brock Lesnar on the intriguing encounter. To celebrate, MVP offered champagne but being a farm boy at heart, Lesnar insisted they both take a swig of something he called white lightning.

Needless to say, the lightning was not smooth enough for MVP’s refined palate and he ended up spraying Lesnar in the face with the moonshine. As you can imagine, Brock Lesnar was less than impressed with that development and took MVP out with an F-5.

Speaking on After The Bell, MVP may not have had Omos’ WrestleMania interests at heart as he continued to bad mouth Lesnar after their encounter:

“That stuff was like grain alcohol, and I felt like you could taste the oil, the lubrication they use for metal – it was disgusting. I’m a man of culture. I offered Brock champagne, and he pulled out rotgut. That’s the stuff you use to clean metal.

“Brock, he’s a farmer. He has no class, he has no culture. He plays in dirt. He grew up on farms, running around in his bare feet, playing with manure. To Brock, that’s a good time. To me, give me a proper single malt man.”

Brock Lesnar’s future has been the subject of recent speculation with one former rival of the star suggesting that Lesnar is “ready to quit.”

h/t Sportskeeda