Brock Lesnar Has “Creative Control” Says WWE Hall Of Famer

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar apparently has a lot of say in his WWE career according to some recent comments from a Hall of Famer.

It has been over ten years since Brock Lesnar returned to WWE at Extreme Rules 2012 following an eight-year absence that saw him become a UFC Heavyweight Champion. Ever since Lesnar came back to WWE, he has worked a reduced schedule.

The fact that Lesnar works a reduced schedule with anywhere from 5 to 10 matches per year for the last decade, some fans are infuriated by it because Lesnar has been pushed very strongly. In fact, Lesnar has main evented several WrestleManias and has won eight World (WWE or Universal) Championships in the last decade.

On a recent episode of his Strictly Business podcast, former WCW President Eric Bischoff spoke about creative control in professional wrestling. The term “creative control” is in reference to when a wrestler has a say in the creative direction of his or her character. When Bischoff was asked about creative control, it was a reference to when Brock Lesnar defeated Kofi Kingston to become the WWE Champion in under 10 seconds on the first Smackdown on Fox episode in October 2019.

It was in 2019 when Bischoff worked behind the scenes on Smackdown for a few months and he offered this statement about Lesnar.

“Anybody that buys into the narrative that I let talent run creative [in WCW] and I gave everybody creative control. Let me tell you something, Brock Lesnar has creative control! And he exercises the hell out of it, like the hell out of it!”

Brock Lesnar last appeared on WWE TV at Crown Jewel on November 5th when he defeated Bobby Lashley. It’s expected that Lesnar will be back at the Royal Rumble on January 28th.

H/t to Essentially Sports