Britt Baker Shares Injury Photo After AEW Dynamite

britt baker aew dynamite

Following a very dramatic segment on the most recent episode of AEW, Britt Baker shared a photo of an injury she suffered during the show.

The April 19th edition of AEW Dynamite was a big one for Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. since she got to team with AEW Women’s Champion against Toni Storm & Ruby Soho in a tag team match. While Saraya tried to her friends in The Outcasts, Baker ended up getting the win (in her hometown of Pittsburgh) for her team.

Later on that same episode of AEW Dynamite, Baker’s boyfriend Adam Cole was part of an in-ring promo segment with Chris Jericho. While Cole was respectful at first, Jericho did not respond in kind and led to insults toward Cole. That led to some physicality and Jericho’s buddy from the Jericho Appreciation Society, Daniel Garcia, showing up for a double team attack. Nobody came out to help Cole, so he was outnumbered until his girlfriend Britt Baker decided to show up.

While Baker made her presence known with a slap to Jericho’s face, Jericho had a plan because The Outcast trio of Saraya, Storm & Soho joined the attack. Saraya beat up Baker with repeated kendo sticks to the back and lower extremities.

Apparently, during the altercation on Dynamite, Britt Baker suffered a black eye. It didn’t appear that the kendo stick usage by Saraya hit Baker in the eye, but there was likely some errant shot that caused the blacked eye.

As you can see in the photo below that was posted to Twitter, Britt Baker is dealing with a black eye following the attack. You can see that Baker also included a middle finger salute to Chris Jericho and Saraya as well.