Britt Baker “Hopes & Prays” That Mercedes Mone Will Appear In AEW

Mercedes Mone

Britt Baker wants to see Mercedes Mone in AEW because it will allow her to be “let out of her cage.”

Mercedes’ future in wrestling is filled with uncertainty. Even though she’s the current defending IWGP Women’s Champion, she hasn’t signed any major contracts that limit her appearances to one place or company.

Because of that, there are many rumors and discussions going around over where she’ll end up next.

Some theorize that she’ll end up back in WWE sooner or later, including her close friend Bayley. And Mercedes Mone appearing in AEW is just as likely, and she already has one supporter in the form of Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.

In an interview with New York Post to promote the upcoming AEW Revolution PPV, Britt Baker discussed several topics, one of which being Mercedes Mone possibly joining the company.

And even though Mone would, in theory, come in just like Saraya did – as an ex-WWE star under a new name claiming to be the top women’s wrestler – Baker was more receptive to the idea of wrestling Mone.

“It’s weird to see now that she’s out in the wild. She’s not completely inaccessible in a way. These are very realistic matchups that could happen and I think the world is ready to see Mercedes Mone’ let out of the cage. What is she gonna do now?”

“I hope and pray that someday we see her in some capacity in AEW. And if by chance I could be in the connection too I would be very, very for that.”

Baker also explained that she would use Mercedes Mone’s/Sasha Banks’ moves during her training to become a professional wrestler.