Britt Baker Surprised By Criticism Of Recent Match

Britt Baker AEW

Britt Baker was taken aback by the passion with which fans have been criticizing one of her most recent matches.

On the July 26th edition of AEW Dynamite, Baker faced Taya Valkyrie and the two wrestled for about ten minutes until Baker won the match with her Lockjaw submission hold.

However, something appeared to be off with the match. whether it was a timing issue, some miscommunication, or a general lack of chemistry, the general consensus has been that the match was underwhelming.

As of this writing, the match has an overall score of 2.42 out of 10 on, based on over 200 reviews. But according to Baker, the messages and feedback she has gotten directly has been much stronger and more vitriolic than simple match critique.

Britt Baker fires back at people who have criticized her online

In an interview with DAZN, Britt Baker admitted she was surprised by both the strength and volume of criticism that was being thrown towards her after this match, and she was also disappointed that Taya ended up guilty by association.

“I was really surprised by it, I’ve had way worse matches on AEW live TV. I think a lot of it came from people that just don’t like me on social media and I feel kind of bad that Taya got dragged into it.

Probably every week since then, [there has been] timing and miscommunications and messed up spots on every wrestling show since then and no one else got that much blow back and that’s fine, but these social media trolls need to realize who they’re dealing with.

I’m the DMD, I’m the face of the division for a reason, and you’re just gonna motivate me to be even bigger and better and that’s fine.”

Additionally, Britt Baker claimed that many of the people criticizing her so vociferously are simply trolls that will speak ill of her and others like her no matter what she does.

“I don’t think anyone should have to go through the ‘bullying’ that these trolls do and it’s not just me, it’s everybody, I think every wrestler goes through it and it’s everything from what you look like, to what you wear, to what your hobbies are, to your wrestling and you don’t deserve the spot that you’re in and it’s somebody else’s spot.

Something’s always your fault and you might not have anything to do with it because they don’t like you, they assume it’s your fault because you just want to shout from the mountain tops, hey, this is the real story, and now you guys can all line up and apologize to me but, you always have to think of what’s best for business. It takes a lot of patience and self control.”

h/t Fightful