Britt Baker Comments On AEW Devil Theories

Britt Baker AEW

Britt Baker has given her take on the many theories on how she could be the one behind the devil mask in AEW, noting she’d be good at stirring things up.

Despite the fact that MJF is often seen behind a devil’s mask, there was a surprising attacked by a character wearing the same mask on the 27th September edition of AEW Dynamite. After that the current World Champion confirmed that it wasn’t him behind the assault, and that his mask had been stolen.

In the subsequent weeks there have been plenty more attacks, although the assailant behind the mask has yet to be revealed.

Britt Baker Denies Devil Claims, But Feels Role Would Suit Her

There have been some speculating that Britt Baker will be revealed as being behind the mask. However, in a discussion with 1035 KISSFM the former Women’s Champion denied the claims, although speculated that being a devil would be something which would suit her.

I’m not, but then I’m like, maybe I would be a good devil. It’s not me, but if I could be, would I be? Maybe. Then I’m like, who is better to stir some shit up than me?

Continuing on, Baker spoke about liking to keep the mystery behind storylines like this, rather than people feeling they need to know everything.

We don’t want to know that. The problem with the internet, they want to fish and prod and want to figure everything out, but when they figure it out, they’re pissed they figured it out. You can’t have it all.

Whilst Baker’s name will remain on the lips of some, there could also be talk that this could be a role for Adam Cole to come back from the broken ankle he suffered in September. However, Britt Baker also has concerns that Adam Cole can be too trusting of people which would contradict him being in such a role.

With thanks to Fightful for the transcription.