Brian Myers Addresses The Role Of A WWE Producer

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Brian Myers, the former Curt Hawkins, has given a rare insight into WWE’s backstage mechanisms.

Back in 2018, Myers needed something to do in WWE while recovering from hernia surgery. Since he couldn’t wrestle, he approached Vince McMahon and proposed to work as a producer (also known as an ‘agent’, this is someone that helps wrestlers put their matches together and relay key creative inputs to the wrestlers from Vince and WWE’s creative team).

And since Myers had earned Vince’s respect for “being a reliable utility player”, Vince allowed him to work as an agent for two months.

Speaking on an episode of Busted Open Radio alongside Bully Ray, Brian Myers shed light on how difficult, thankless, and unappreciated that job really is:

“It’s an impossible question to answer; there’s just so much to that. I saw the genius of, ‘Wow, this is why [Vince] is where he’s at and why he’s done the things he’s done,’ and I also saw the other side where you’re like, ‘What?!’ So it’s like: Is he crazy? [A] super genius? I don’t know. I saw it all in the months that I did it, so it’s hard to answer.

“Those guys work their asses off and it’s a very thankless job, because it’s more to it if you mess up than if you do something right. If it’s correct, you move along to the next thing, but if you mess up, you’re getting your ass chewed out.”

Brian Myers also gave a shout-out to WWE’s writing team who, over the years, have been likewise criticized from some quarters for some of the ideas that end up on-screen that are not to everyone’s taste:

“And the same goes for the writing team: I learned a whole new respect for those guys, because people just bury them, but they don’t have this epic power to really make or break a career like sometimes they get the rep for.

They’re just trying to do their best, as well, and it’s an audience of one when Vince is in charge at the end of the day. If he’s not into something, it’s not going to happen.”

h/t WrestlingInc for the transcription