Bret Hart Names WWE Hall Of Famer As A Dream Match Opponent

Bret Hart

Bret Hart has several big names in mind as dream match opponents including a WWE Hall of Famer that worked in the same company but never wrestled.

During his legendary career as a two-time WWE Hall of Famer and seven-time World Champion (five in WWE, two in WCW), Bret Hart wrestled some of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

Names like Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, his brother Owen Hart, The British Bulldog, Sting, Ric Flair, and many others had incredible matches with the HItman, who is celebrated by fans and wrestlers alike as one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time.

Unfortunately for Bret Hart, a serious concussion he suffered in WCW in late 1999 led to his retirement in 2000. While Bret did have some matches in WWE over a decade later, he wasn’t able to take serious bumps, so they weren’t really classic technical wrestling matches.

While he was interviewed on the Johnny I Pro Show, Bret Hart was asked about potential dream matches he wishes he could have. Bret Hart would go on to point out 2023 WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio, who worked in WCW at the same time as Bret, but they never had a match.

“I’ll say this like one of the greatest, maybe the greatest wrestlers of all time that people often forget about or don’t recognize. Rey Mysterio is maybe one of the greatest. I wish I could have had one match with Rey Mysterio just to be in the ring with him. He’s one of my favorites and is always a class act. Very few wrestlers have the respect that I have for Rey Mysterio.”

Rey Mysterio worked in WCW while Bret Hart was there. Rey is one of the oldest full-time WWE stars, but the 48-year-old leader of the LWO continues to put on some of the best matches in the company on a regular basis. Clearly, Bret Hart remains a big fan of the legendary masked wrestler.

H/T Wrestlingnewsco