Bret Hart Pays Heartfelt Tribute To Owen Hart On His Birthday

Owen Hart Bret Hart

WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart has shared a dream featuring his brother Owen as he celebrates the late star’s birthday.

May 23rd 1999 is one of the darkest days in wrestling history. During WWE’s Over The Edge pay-per-view, Owen Hart was being lowered from the ceiling of the Kemper Arena for his match while dressed as The Blue Blazer. Tragedy struck as a malfunction with Hart’s harness led to him plummeting to the ring. It was later announced live on the show – which continued – that Hart had died from his injuries.

Bret Hart Only Smiles When Thinking Of His Brother

Taking to social media, Bret Hart paid an emotional tribute to his youngest brother on the 7th of May and what would have been Owen’s 59th birthday:

I had a wonderful dream two days ago, Owen came to me briefly and it was that big smile that quickly brought about a bigger smile of my own. He was ribbing me and I was surprised that he almost got me again. I woke up smiling. I think of you in my happy thoughts, I often see you in the highest and farthest corner of a room.

Those warm blue eyes and expressions of amusement and reflection. Sometimes I hear your voice often behind my right ear, or just driving down the highway. Hey Oje’, just so you know, that I know that it’s you.

Owen Hart is still rightly celebrated by wrestling fans 25 years after his death. AEW hosts the Owen Hart Foundation tournaments for its male and female stars. The 2023 winners of those tournaments – whose finals were held in Hart’s hometown of Calgary, Alberta, Canada – were Willow Nightingale and Ricky Starks.