Bret Hart Announced For Role In “Stalker” Movie

Bret Hart

Bret Hart is in a new movie that will be released this March that features a young woman caught in a freight elevator with her stalker.

During his legendary wrestling career that saw him land in the WWE Hall of Fame twice, Bret Hart was known for being a very serious wrestler.

As the “Excellent of Execution,” Bret had the ability to break down a larger opponent, pick on a body part and put them away whether he was using the Sharpshooter submission to finish them off, or find some other way to win with a small package or inside cradle.

When Bret wrestled in WWE from the mid-1980s until his departure as a full-timer in 1997, he was known mostly as a good guy although he had a very successful run as a bad guy in 1997 as well.

Wrestlers also make good actors because part of the job of a pro wrestler is making the audience believe in what you are doing. Bret has done some acting roles in his career, but obviously not to the success of other pro wrestlers like Dwayne “The Rock” John, John Cena and Dave Bautista to name a few.

Bret Hart is part of the cast of a new film called “Stalker” that will be released on March 24, 2023, in select theatres and on-demand as well.

The trailer is below along with more information about the film that was sent to us.

In Select Theaters & On Demand on March 24, 2023

Directed by: Steve Johnson

Starring: Sophie Skelton, Stuart Brennan and wrestling legend Bret Hart

A broken down freight elevator precariously hangs dangerously high, trapping a young woman inside with her stalker.

Starring Sophie Skelton (Outlander) and BAFTA winning actor Stuart Brennan. Rose Hepburn, a young horror actress, returns to her empty hotel. Forced to use the old freight elevator, it jolts to a halt on the twelfth floor, leaving her trapped with an unusual stranger.

Left with no phone signal as a storm approaches, tensions escalate and suspicions rise when Rose discovers the identity of the mysterious man is Daniel Reed, a camera operator who is seemingly obsessed with her.