Bret Hart Recounts Flying Cross-Country For Back-To-Back Matches

Bret Hart Recounts Flying Cross-Country For Back-To-Back Matches

Bret Hart delved into his extensive career and shared intriguing insights into his collaborations with fellow wrestlers. Hart also told a story of how he once had to fly cross-country to wrestle a match with Randy Savage that night.

Among those he commended for their effortless partnership were Curt Hennig, Sting, Owen Hart, and Macho Man Randy Savage. Bret Hart emphasised that with these wrestlers, communication often felt unnecessary as they intuitively understood each other’s movements and intentions within the ring. Their ability to adapt and deliver stellar performances without extensive verbal cues spoke volumes about their prowess in the sport.

Reflecting on a particular incident involving Macho Man Randy Savage, during an interview with Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, Hart recounted a remarkable turn of events that showcased the demanding nature of professional wrestling. Amidst flight delays and scheduling complications, Hart found himself thrust into an impromptu match with Savage in South Bend, Indiana, following a last-minute switch. Recalling the ordeal, Hart remarked:

I do remember wrestling Macho Man one time when something happened with someone’s flight. I was in Detroit, but they were running another show in South Bend, Indiana. It might’ve been Jake Roberts who had been working against Macho Man, but he had gotten delayed somewhere or he couldn’t make his plane or something like that. They told me I was on the first match in Detroit, they put me on first and said, ‘You gotta get on an aeroplane, fly all the way to South Bend, Indiana and wrestle Macho Man.

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Bret Hart stated that the AEW World Tag Team Title match between FTR and Bullet Club Gold in Calgary on July 15th, 2023 was a masterclass. Dax Harwood of FTR revealed that he received a text message from Hart praising the match.