Bret Hart Blasts John Cena For Unique Reason

John Cena Bret Hart

Bret Hart is a stickler for good wrestling and he’s raised a concern over the technique of someone seen by WWE as the greatest of all time – John Cena.

Bret Hart did not call himself the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be for no reason. The Hitman is regarded as one of the soundest technical wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of boots in a career that saw him win the WWE Championship on five different occasions.

However, not everyone is a technical whizz in the ring but Bret Hart still wants to see things he believes as real, and that’s where he has an issue with John Cena.

Speaking to Fox Sports Australia, Bret Hart explained what set him apart from most wrestling stars and took issue with the technique of John Cena:

I was a technical wrestler that made you, you know, when I put a headlock on, it look like a real headlock. Not like John Cena or somebody that’s got a headlock that looks like he has it on a tire. The headlock has to be tightened – real. You know, I that’s what I pride myself on. And I also pride myself on the fact that I never injured anybody, ever.

Bret Hart Does Give John Cena Some Credit

However, Hart went on to give Cena credit for something that made him consider the sixteen-time champion of the world a real pro. Hart had difficulty remembering five pages of dialogue that were changed at the last minute for a promo but explained how he saw John Cena having to remember four times as much but managing to knock it out of the park exactly as planned:

And I’ll give you an example – that same day that I had brain fog going out, John Cena was standing next to me doing something on his own. They handed him maybe 20 pages of script. And I remember looking at the pages, there were a lot of changes. And he was like ‘ohh’, he just groaned the same way I did.

But I watched him, maybe 20 minutes after I went out, he went out there and did the whole thing word for word. Reading his script, he did it perfectly! He remembered all the changes and he did it perfectly. And I go, well that’s a real pro out there. Maybe I could’ve done that back 1992 or 1995 or something, but I mean the wrestlers today have a lot on their backs that guys in that era didn’t have.

Bret Hart also took a shot at what he doesn’t like in modern wrestling while also crediting one WWE star who has brought realism back to the sport according to The Hitman.