Update On Bret Hart’s Availability For AEW All In

bret hart aew world title

All Elite Wrestling is headed to Wembley Stadium for All In, which has led to speculation about Bret Hart appearing at the show due to a famous match he had in England over 30 years ago.

At the old Wembley Stadium, WWE brought SummerSlam 1992 to London, England for an event that had an announced crowd of 80,255 people. In the main event, WWE opted to put the Intercontinental Title match on last with Bret Hart defending the title against his brother-in-law, the “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith.

That match between Hart and Bulldog is considered by many people to be one of the greatest matches in WWE history. The fans were rooting for their countryman Bulldog, but they also loved and respected Bret too.

The finish saw Bret go for a sunset flip, Bulldog dropped to his knees, hooked the arms, leaned forward for the pinfall for what was one of the loudest ovations in WWE history.

For Bret Hart, that match also elevated him to another level because he won his first WWE World Title shortly after that and was locked in as a main event performer for the next five years. Bret would go on to be the WWE Champion five times, he has two Hall of Fame rings and is considered one of the greatest wrestlers ever.

In a 2017 interview with Sports Illustrated, Bret Hart explained why the match at Wembley was so special. In other interviews, Bret has talked about how Bulldog was so tired and forgot the spots in the match, but these are different comments.

“I’ll always be partial to Wembley. It’s one of my greatest matches, and it was special to have an outdoor show at Wembley. Everyone was scared it was going to rain and ruin the show, and it was supposed to rain, but everyone crossed their fingers and it never rained.”

“There were 82,000 people and something that made the match so special was that nobody knew who was going to win. I was able to do that with Bulldog at Wembley; right to the very last pin, no one knew who was going to win.”

“It’s hard to explain, but it’s a beautiful thing to watch in wrestling when someone loses in the exact perfect way. That’s why the pin was so dramatic. There was no escape, there was no shame, but I made a mistake and Davey capitalized. It was a beautiful story, and I believe that was the match that launched me into a world champion.”

With AEW running All In at the new Wembley Stadium (it’s 16 years old), there are some people wondering if Bret Hart could appear at the show. After all, Bret was the man that introduced us to the AEW World Title at the company’s first pay-per-view at Double or Nothing in 2019.

Sadly, the British Bulldog has passed away, but his son Davey Boy Smith Jr. could be there. As for Bret Hart, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter wrote about how it was unlikely to happen.

“Obviously, there has been a lot of U.K. sentiment toward Tony Khan to bring in Smith Jr., since he’s already there, and Bret Hart, for an appearance on his show. I don’t believe Hart can legally appear due to his WWE deal, as that’s the reason Hart has never appeared on an episode of Dynamite.”

In other news related to AEW All In, the company has set the capacity crowd at the stadium with 75,000 people although that number could rise if more tickets are sold.