Bray Wyatt Introduces World To Pitch Black Match At WWE Royal Rumble

Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt introduced the world to a Mountain Dew Pitch Black match at the WWE Royal Rumble and emerged from the neon-tinted darkness with a big victory.

Bray Wyatt returned to WWE at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view in October 2022 after his original release from the company in July 2021. The Eater of Worlds had competed on live events since returning but the Royal Rumble marked his return to action on WWE television.

LA Knight had been irked by the attention Wyatt was receiving and set his sights on the star but he definitely bit off more than he could chew when Bray Wyatt challenged him to a Pitch Black match. And at the Royal Rumble, we all found out exactly what that meant.

Earlier reports on the match suggested that there would be “neon elements” and that proved to be the case with Wyatt wearing glow-in-the-dark facepaint as Jeff Hardy used to while LA Knight’s yellow gear brought a glow that would make Naomi jealous.

The lights were turned down for the match with the action illuminated by neon ring ropes and the illuminated Mountain Dew logo in the middle of the ring. The match itself proved to be a no disqualification one-on-one bout and LA Knight gained an early advantage by driving Wyatt through the announce table.

When the action returned to the ring it didn’t take Bray Wyatt long to gain the upper hand, surviving kendo stick shots to trap LA Knight and drop him with his Sister Abigail to pick up the win.

The spooky goings on of Wyatt continued after the match as he apparently grew a demonic mask – not The Fiend – over his face as he stalked LA Knight to the technical area through the crowd and laid him out with the mandible claw before Uncle Howdy made an appearance, diving from a platform on top of Knight setting off some impressive pyro.